Meet the researchers!

Julie Beischel, PhD, author of Among Mediums: A Scientist's Quest for Answers, received her doctorate in Pharmacology and Toxicology from the University of Arizona in 2003. She is the co-founder and Director of Research at the Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential, a full member of the Parapsychological Association and the Society for Scientific Exploration, and serves on the scientific advisory boards of the Rhine Research Center and the Forever Family Foundation. Dr. Beischel is Adjunct Faculty in the School of Psychology and Interdisciplinary Inquiry at Saybrook University and Director of both the Spirits and Spirit Communication and the Survival and Life After Death research departments at the World Institute for Scientific Exploration.

Chad Mosher, PhD, Research Associate at the Windbridge Institute, holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from The University of Memphis, and a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Idaho State University. He is currently a counselor educator and chair of a counseling program in Tucson, Arizona. Dr. Mosher is interested in aspects of human potential, including healing from grief and using culturally appropriate methods to promote health. He is actively involved in counseling associations promoting the field of professional counseling.

Mark Boccuzzi, is the co-founder and a researcher at the Windbridge Institute. He is an associate member of the Parapsychological Association and full member of the Society for Scientific Exploration. Mark's research interests include applied intuition, animal psi, applied psychokinesis, mediumship, and instrumental transcommunication. He is the recipient of two grants from the Helene Reeder Memorial Fund for Research into Life after Death and his research has been presented at the Parapsychological Association, Toward a Science of Consciousness, and International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine conferences and published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration.




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